Apply for Staff

Vortex is hiring for our Staff Team! We're actively seeking professional and motivated staff members to join our incredible team! Staffing is an awesome way to become more involved in the community and help Vortex grow! We're currently accepting new staff members from any time zone, so if you think you'd be a good addition to the team, we look forward to hearing from you soon! Everyone is welcome to apply!

• Knowledge of the Server Rules and each Planet
• Need to maintain a Positive Attitude
• Can Problem Solve issues or conflicts quickly and effectively
• Have experience moderating on other Minecraft servers and/or other video games
• Is Mature, Responsible, and Reliable
• Member of the community for over one month
• Over the age of 14
• Have no issue viewing or reading explicit language, images, skins, or videos
• Want to help make Vortex a safer place
• Has been a part of the Network for at least one month
• Enjoys helping others

Staff is not for Players who:
• Want to have access to additional commands
• Want to be popular through a position of power
• Have a history of excessive or severe punishments
• Have been blacklisted on the network before