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Skyblock Cloud | Monthly Crate, Monthly Kit, Space Coins, New Enchantment, Discord Upgrades

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Hey everyone,

Today's an exciting day! We're releasing our first content update to Skyblock Cloud, the first of many to come over the course of the next couple weeks. As a reminder, island top payouts will be taken tomorrow on Saturday, May 4th. Check your standings with /is top, and try to dominate the competition! Best of luck.

We'll be announcing the winners on our Discord server, which will be receiving an upgrade in today's content update to facilitate future payouts. More on that below.

Update Details
Today's update, as mentioned in the title, focuses on a new currency, a Discord upgrade, and two new items available on our Store.

May Monthly Crate
Just like every month prior, we're introducing a new Tier 1 and Tier 2 May Monthly Crate. This features most of the rewards you know and love, alongside...

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