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  1. Patch324

    Important Discord Rules

  2. Patch324

    PayOut In Plasma Prison Still not sent ....

    Make a ticket on
  3. Patch324

    Resolved Ban appeal

    Appeal handled in Discord.
  4. Patch324

    Ban silpand

    Please make an appeal on
  5. Patch324

    banned for nothing?

    Hey there! If you could create an appeal in the support channel of our Discord, that would be great! All appeals are done though Discord now, not the forums. Thank you :)
  6. Patch324


  7. Patch324

    Skyblock - Izzdakillah "Cloud"

    I like the idea behind this and what it is trying to promote, but I think schematic and printer just don't make it all that possible.
  8. Patch324

    Connectivity Issues

    @Cahmden This post is over 6 months old
  9. Patch324

    Lost Private Mine

    I'd recommend making a ticket on the discord.
  10. Patch324

    I HATE you <3

    I HATE you <3
  11. Patch324

    i DoN't KnOw

    i DoN't KnOw
  12. Patch324

    Rank Help

    On the Arctic server, it is the Glacier rank that gets the ability to fly, not Polar.
  13. Patch324

    2FA Guide

    I have seen a lot of people ask what 2FA is and how to use it so I made this quick guide. Firstly, 2-factor authentication, abbreviated 2FA, is a way to add more security to your account. Most places offer some type of 2FA and I'd highly recommend using it everywhere you can but for now I am...
  14. Patch324

    [New] Pet Lemonss!

    It actually makes you sour, which is a 5% damage mitigation buff.
  15. Patch324

    [New] Pet Lemonss!

    I am here to introduce a BRAND NEW pet! The @Lemonss! For the low low price of your soul you can visit this exotic pet! This is the Lemonss in its natural habitat There is just one rule, you must social distance! The Lemonss is very fragile to the very dangerous Limess disease and will...
  16. Patch324

    Hi Charles :)

    Hi Charles :)