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    Closed Retards

    How about you submit feedback using the provided methods? Locked
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    Announcement Comet Planet BETA

    Comet Planet BETA OPEN NOW! Hey everyone! The Comet Planet BETA is now open until Saturday. Anyone who applies at will automatically gain access to the planet and be able to help us out with testing. When logging in to the planet you will automatically have Vortex...
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    Important Vortex Revamp Re-Release + BETA

    Skyblock payouts will be paid out once the map ends on Saturday. I have updated the post to reflect this.
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    Important Vortex Revamp Re-Release + BETA

    Yes, this has been fixed
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    Important Vortex Revamp Re-Release + BETA

    Hey everyone, I would like to start this announcement by apologising to you all for the poor state of the servers after the revamp released. Unfortunately we encountered a ton of unexpected issues which we were unable to get fixed as quickly as we should have due to the majority of the...
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    Resolved Ads Not Working

    This should be fixed now.
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    Answered McMMO + Crates

    Hi, I've gone ahead and fixed this. PM us on Discord when you're online and we'll give you the missing credits.
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    Important Revamp Trailer

    Vortex Revamp Trailer Hey everyone! It’s here! We are excited to release the trailer for the upcoming revamp today! Anyone who reuploads our trailer on to their YouTube channel will receive the rewards listed below. The rewards vary based on the amount of subscribers your channel has and...
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    Important Wyvern Going Forward

    I've fixed the link in the post.
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    Important Vortex Revamp

    I'm not sure what enchants you're specifically talking about, however we are not adding any of the pvp enchants which is what I'm assuming you're concerned about
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    Important Vortex Revamp

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    Important Vortex Revamp

    Vortex Revamp July 28th 2018, 5PM EDT / 2 PM PDT / 10PM BST Hey everyone! The time has finally arrived! I am excited to be able to officially announce today that the Vortex revamp will be releasing on Saturday July 28th at 5PM EDT / 2 PM PDT / 10PM BST. The revamp release brings with it huge...
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    Important Wyvern Going Forward

    Hey everyone, As many of you now know, I have recently taken ownership of the network from Dota. Some of you may remember me as the old developer of the network and more recently the new owner of Wyvern’s sister server, Mythcraft. In taking ownership I am bringing my team with me and we are...