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Gangmusic Ban appeal


New Member
Hello fellow staff members!😭
we were banned 1 year ago!
we were told by a manager on your server that if you appeal a ban a year after the incident, you would be unbanned. we are NOT UNBANNED!
we want to be unbanned, we are banned from the discord for stating our points, they didnt like that so they banned us :pepecry:
I would like the following names to be unbanned,

There is a lot of names, i cba to name them all
I would like to introduce myself, I am 100k milden
My mangers name is Bonaro

we are handling this situation with ease
we want to play factions, factions right now is dead. Just do an unblacklist all, you did an unban all and rebanned us.....
doesnt seem fair=:)mad:


New Member
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