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It has occurred to me that the harvest hoe only works on sugarcane. I was not informed that it didn't work in any other crops such as nether warts, as it is stated that 'Automatically collects all crop drops'. It didn't inform me it was only sugarcane so i would like it to also collect nether warts too so it can be another way of have another quick and easy econ. Thank you for your time.
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Make sure you are not looking at the bottom sugarcane block, or you'll have to take more time to re-plant it! Either has a REALLY big sugarcane farm or break the sugarcane in such a way that you break the top block first, then the middle block second to apply your skills and enchants to both the sugarcane blocks. Also, rookie hoe can be bought for 10 coins at farmer, 50% chance to drop an extra seed, which is potato, carrot, sugarcane, and nether wart terms is an extra drop