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Hello there! I'm Subby :D


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Hello everyone! My name is Subsassaree or if you like Subby for short or hell even call me John, what ever you feel like calling me. When writing this introduction I have only been on the server 1 day and I really enjoyed what the server had to offer! I do only really play Prison at the moment but will venture about to more of the server.

So, a little bit about myself. I am what some consider a "nerd" which I fully accept these days. I like system building and being creative in my free time when work isn't a factor of the moment. Minecraft is a game I have played since 2012 and yes still to this day enjoy it, who couldn't? I like to dabble in video editing and graphic design as I feel it keeps the mind open and some may agree. For those who also interested with system building and would like to know my system specifications I shall post them below.
For the creative side of me I like and use the Adobe Suite, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere it keeps me busy if I am not working or playing any games. If anyone would like any examples of my work you are more than welcome to direct message me on here. :)

For abit more my personality I will list a few movies, tv shows and games that I enjoy.

(All Movies and TV Shows are linked to their respective IMDb pages)

Mirrors Edge
Test Drive Unlimited
Call of Duty: [email protected]/MW1/MW2/MW3/BO1/CW
Minecraft (duh :p)
Cyberpunk 2077 (When its fixed)
Destiny 2

This concludes my introduction and I hope its enough to get a somewhat image of me, hope to see a lot of you around the server! :D
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