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Prison Plasma Improvements for Next Map


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This was my first map on vortex prison and it was not to hot.
There are a few things in mind that I have heard players collectively agree on that need to be changed in order for the next map to best successful!
Below is a bullet point list of things to be changed.

• pvp arena mountains, these mountains should no longer be climbable up the next map unless the arena is changed. Countless times people have had players are very low health and then they just climb up into the mountains and hit them down with knock back weapons. They then easily escape.

• rules... There were several incidents with the rules at the beginning of the map release and there are still flowing problems about the rules to this point about 4 weeks in. The rules need to be re read and fully covered before the release of the map so that players do not feel that they are getting cheated and others are not inflicted with punishment for an unjust rule.

• time management. During this map, a new command "/payout" was added in which it would tell you when the payouts for various leader boards were to be given out. This expectation was not met as almost every week payouts were delayed by days resulting in heavy frustration of the players who earned them.

• ss and punishments. In order to be ssed the staff must have good reason to believe that you are cheating. Players including myself felt that the ss's throughout this map were bs and was an act of abuse. If a staff is to ss on the next map, they should be required to have video evidence to back there choices on what punishment they inflict.

• gang teaming.... Gang teaming is when your gang and another gang team up in order to gain an advantage over another gang. There were several incidents with gang teaming throughout this map which were taken care of poorly. I suggest that the rules against gang teaming be enforced and described better for the next map as players were not worried about gang teaming because it was unclear and most times resulted in no punishment.

• prestige and miner keys........ These keys are completely useless, I don't think I even need to explain how pointless they are. Prize keys which you receive from voting are better than these keys. Miner keys should be changed to things that you can find during mining such as keys, rocks, etc.. in which you will be able to use the key on a crate and have a chance of winning any item that you could gain while mining. Prestige keys need to be completely reworked as no one needs to prestige and receive 5 common books. Instead you could maybe put money pouches of all rarities in which they have a chance to win a money pouch from common-legendary. This would make more sense, as it would give players a boost on their next prestige and ranking up.

• extra features. Some features that were promised in the map details for this map of prison such as a lucky outpost, koth starters, etc... were not added to this map. For the next map they should any these items as it can only benefit the map. A luck outpost would be important as it would change the chances of you finding items while mining such as rocks and keys. Koth starters would also be great items because the koth is only every 12 hours which makes it so certain players are unable to fight for them due to timezones.

• boosting. Boosting needs to be clarified at the beginning of next map as many players were confused on what this meant. Boosting is when players assist and help other players get an edge over there competition in order to receive rewards such as payouts. There were only a few issues that boosting was involved in but I believe that it needs to be better explained for the next map

• lastly, payouts! During the first week of the new map release the active player count was tremendous. There was active pvp, mining, auctions, tf and cfs, etc... After the first week players began to stop playing because they felt that they were "Slaving over minecraft for not enough reward". Prison requires a lot of mining and grinding which often results in less sleep as players are heavily involved. In order to keep the player count flowing throughout the map, several players have agreed that the payout needs to be higher than $100 paypal. Most players who are on gang top often have a full gang of 5 players which means they are only getting $20 as they almost always have an even split. I believe that a payout increase to somewhere between $150-$250 would keep players engaged in the map and not give up so early on. As stated before, prison requires a lot of mining and people have to dedicate more time to it than other servers such as skyblock.

If anyone has any other things that should be changed for the next map or believe that I said anything wrong be sure to reply to this thread and I will do my best to reply to you.
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