Prison Cosmic Reset

Hey astronauts! I am excited to announce that we are resetting Prison Cosmic on July 16th at 3 PM EDT / 12 PM PST / 8 PM BST!!

Prison Cosmic releases on July 16th at 3 PM EDT / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT!

For any other time zone, type "3 PM EDT" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location. Let's jump into the reset details!

Server Details

The following information is the basic server details for our upcoming reset. To see new features, keep scrolling until you see the "Features" section.

Cell Top (/ctop)

This leaderboard is based on your Cell member's prestige levels, you and your cellmate can increase your cell level by prestiging through /prestige!

  1. $100 Voucher
  2. $75 Voucher
  3. $50 Voucher
  4. $30 Voucher
  5. $15 Voucher

Block Top (/btop)

This leaderboard is based on how many blocks you mine, whoever mines the most blocks will win the following rewards! The block top leaderboard is reset weekly to keep it fair for new players joining mid-season!

  1. $50 Voucher
  2. $35 Voucher
  3. $15 Voucher

Pass Top (/passtop)

Pass top is a weekly top payout we are introducing this season with the revamped Galaxy Pass! To check what position you are on pass top you can use /passtop. The top three people on pass top at the end of each week will win the following rewards.

  1. $10 Voucher
  2. $7.5 Voucher
  3. $5 Voucher


We have some crazy new content and many gameplay improvements releasing this season! Read below to find out what you can expect to see this season:


Team up with your friend in a duo cell to prove you are the best pair in the Cosmic galaxy!

Pickaxe Updates

To help give Cosmic it's own spin and flare, we are revamping pickaxes on Cosmic! We are also changing the enchant meta back to Hammer! Read all details below:

Pickaxe Cores

Serving as a replacement to the pickaxe crystal, your pickaxe core will is an upgradable and chargeable component of your pickaxe. Upgrading the core will increase your sell multiplier and give exclusive bonus perks at level markers. Cores are activated by supplying it with experience.

New Enchants

Shard (Rare)
- Shoots out fireworks which destroy nearby blocks
- 500 Tokens per level | Max level of 7,500

Updated Enchants

- Shoots out fireworks which destroy nearby blocks

- The value of the voucher has been decreased and the proc rate increased

- Changed from locksmith key to vote/crater/asteroid/comet keys

- Modified the scaling of experience received per level

Removed Enchants

Extra Luck

Prison Yard Event

The duo version of KoTH, the Prison Yard event will require 5 Cells (10 players) to queue in order to begin. Cells will be placed into a FFA style event where each Cell is trying to stay alive in the Prison Yard for the longest. The Cell that wins the event will be given an extremely enhanced Event Crate key!

Amethyst Armor

A modification of the current Crystal Armor, you will start out with a set of Amethyst Armor which can be upgraded to provide three different boosts while mining.

Quality of Life Improvements

We have listened to your feedback on the annoyances of our Prison platform and we've come together with a list of items to be fixed!

  • Tokens and experience will be able to be used in the Auction House
  • Destroyer bosses will now give rewards again
  • Purchase notification buffs can be toggled in /settings

Player vs Environment

Per community polls, there is an intense desire for more PvE content and other forms of grinding. In the process of prioritizing features and development time, these aspects have been made the primary focus of next season. This means fishing will stay intact the way it is for this current season. New form(s) of grinding and PvE will be added next season!

Nitro Rewards

Did you know you can get a load of perks just by boosting us on Discord? If you already have a Nitro subscription you get two free boosts included! Below are just some of the amazing perks you will receive upon boosting.

  • 1x Nitro Lootbox (available in-game via /reclaim once per season)
  • In-game Nitro Title
  • In-game Nitro Cosmetics
  • Daily Nitro Delivery from the Delivery Man
  • Booster role in Discord, including the Booster badge, and your name will be listed under staff!
  • In-game Pink Tab Name
  • In-game Pink Diamond on your display name
  • Nitro Booster line in your hover over display name


We're looking forward to seeing everyone on this brand new planet and good luck to everyone in contention for our prize pool!