Prison Cosmic Reset

Prison Cosmic resets on October 28th at

3 PM EDT / 12 PM PDT / 8 PM BST!

Join our Discord at to interact with the community and participant in key alls!! and giveaways

What is being reset

Everything is being reset apart from Kits, Ranks or Permanent Perks. If you have bought anything within the last two weeks contact us on to get these items next season.

Release Details

Outpost Updates

We are updating the Luck Outpost to become a Beacon Outpost and changing how Outposts function. Claimed Outposts will impact the entire Crew and players without a Crew will be unable to claim any Outposts. This is to guarantee that Crews are the ones benefiting from the rewards provided from Outposts.

Enchant Updates

Here are the following Enchant updates for this season of Cosmic:

  • [New] Frost Bite
    • Gives a chance to change blocks around you to Ice or Packed Ice while mining. When these blocks are broken, they will provide you with various rewards from donator keys.
    • Max Level: 5,000
    • Cost: 115 Orbs per level

  • [Update] Jockey
    • Summon a skeleton jockey that will destory blocks in the direction you are facing
    • Max Level: 35
    • Cost: 700 Orbs per level

  • [Nerf] Hammer
    • Hammer's proc chance has been reduced by 1/3

  • [Nerf] Auto Deposit
    • Price increased from 150 Prestige Tokens per level to 250 Prestige Tokens per level

  • [Removed] Erosion
  • [Removed] Duo
  • [Removed] Cosmo's Tears
  • [Removed] Gold Digger

  • Bug Fixes

    We have implemented the following fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where a skyblock island appeared when resetting your cell
    • Depositing oil into your robot now works as intended
    • Crew sizes have been corrected to two, instead of the three that occasionally happened
    • The Event Mine now gives the intended sell multiplier
    • When redeeming a redeemable kit that is stacked, it will not redeem both kits at once
    • The Fish Market enchant will provide the entended perks
    • When using a minebomb, it will not use two when throwing stacked minebombs
    • Disabling your pickaxe skin will no longer disabled enchants
    • Amethyst Shards correctly apply to Amethyst Armor
    • When mining blocks from Amethyst Resonance, you will receive the shards

    Quality of Life Updates

    We're making the following Changes:

    • Added functionality for giving Orbs to other players
    • Guide book will now work as intended
    • Payday pet will notify you when it procs
    • Pickaxe and fishing level perks will work as intended
    • Locked warps have been unlocked or removed
    • Resolved player mine permission issues
    • The Ghost pickaxe skin is working as intended
    • Fixed numerous UI spelling and visual errors

    Payouts and Competition

    Crew Top (/ctop)

    Players with the highest Crew Level will recieve the following

    1. $100 Buycraft
    2. $75 Buycraft
    3. $50 Buycraft
    4. $40 Buycraft
    5. $35 Buycraft

    Player Prestige Top (/gtop)

    Players with the highest Player Prestige will recieve the following

    1. $30 Buycraft
    2. $20 Buycraft
    3. $10 Buycraft

    Block Top (/btop)

    Players who break the most blocks will recieve the following

    1. $30 Buycraft
    2. $20 Buycraft
    3. $10 Buycraft

    Pass Top (/passtop)

    Players with the highest Galaxy Pass level will recieve the following

    1. $10 Buycraft
    2. $7.5 Buycraft
    3. $5 Buycraft

    Fishing Top (/ftop) [FIRST WEEK]

    Players who reel in the most fish will recieve the following

    1. 3x Plasma Lootboxes
    2. 2x Plasma Lootboxes
    3. 1x Plasma Lootboxes

    Nitro Rewards

    Did you know you can get a load of perks just by boosting us on Discord? If you already have a Nitro subscription you get two free boosts included! Below are just some of the amazing perks you will receive upon boosting.

    • 1x Nitro Lootbox (available in game via /reclaim once per season).
    • In-game Pink Diamond on your display name.
    • In-game Nitro Boosting line in your hover over display name.
    • In-game Nitro Cosmetics (/cosmetics).
    • Extra Deliveryman Rewards (/deliveryman).
    • Nitro Booster role in Discord.
    • Nitro Booster badge next to your name in Discord.
    • Your name will be displayed on the side bar in our Discord under the Nitro Booster heading!


    We're looking forward to another great season, good luck to everyone in contention for our prize pool!

    ~ Vortex Staff Team