Prison Plasma Reset

Prison Plasma releases on April 6th at

3 PM EDT / 12 PM PDT / 8 PM BST!

Join our Discord at to interact with the community and participant in key alls!! and giveaways

What is being reset

Everything is being reset apart from Kits, Ranks or Permanent Perks. If you have bought anything within the last two weeks contact us on to get these items next season.

Release Details

Pet System Changes

We are changing the pet system for Plasma this season. The Pets that are related to Mining/Fishing will now be combineable, This means Tiered Varities of Pets!

There will be Five Tiers/Rarities of Pets. Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. To be able to combine your pet, you will need Two of the same Tiered pet at max level.

Once you've combined two of your pets, you will recieve a level 1 pet of the next Tier/Rarity. Even though your pets get reset to level 1, they will get a decent buff when combined.

Pet Candy will now be useable at any level from level 1 to Level 99 to help you level your pets up faster. If you're wanting to combine your pets, head over to Vet Vicky (/warp vet) and she will be able to help you combine them!

The Cheetah Pet has been removed!

Private Mine Tokens

Here is information regarding Private Mine Tokens for this season of Plasma:

  • [New] Private Mine Tokens
    Players will now receive Private Mine Tokens if they already have that same Tier Private Mine. Similar Feature suggested on the Feedback Site!

Pickaxe Enchant Changes

Here are the following Enchant updates for this season of Plasma:

        [Update] Clucky Charm
      • Clucky Charm's Proc rate has been slightly modified
      • Loot-Table has been slightly modified

      • [Update] Gum Drop
      • Gum Drop has been buffed by 6%

      • [Update] Saturn's Aura
      • Blocks Mined by Saturn's Aura will now be affected by Fortune.

      • [Update] Rooted
      • Has a chance for roots to dig into the ground and when mined it will give tokens.
      • New Pickaxe Menu Item for Rooted will be a Dead Bush
      • Tree's will no longer spawn when Rooted procs

      • Players will now be able to disable Proc Messages of multiple enchants

        Moonrock Changes

        Here are the following Moonrock Changes for this season of Plasma:

          [New] Moonrock Types
        • There are now 5 different types of moonrocks you can obtain with all new and unique names!

        • [Updated] Loottables
        • The loottables for all Moonrocks have been updated!

        • Quality of Life Updates

          We're making the following Changes:

          • Fixed an issue where your robot focus would disappear when you pick up your robot.
          • It is now possible to bottle your XP.
          • Fixed an issue where the Gang Timer resets and the gang missions do not change.
          • Fixed an Issue where the Gang Shop Timer would randomly reset before the 24 hours is finished.
          • We've now made it possible for players to use the [Inventory] And [Item] Command in private message and Gang Chat!.
          • Fixed an issue where when your Double Catch fishing enchant procs your "fish caught" statistics will now increase by two, instead of one.

          • Payouts and Competition

            Gang Prestige Top (/gtop)

            Players with the highest Gang Prestige will recieve the following

            1. $100 Buycraft
            2. $75 Buycraft
            3. $50 Buycraft
            4. $40 Buycraft
            5. $35 Buycraft

            Player Prestige Top (/ptop)

            Players with the highest Player Prestige will recieve the following

            1. $30 Buycraft
            2. $20 Buycraft
            3. $10 Buycraft

            Block Top (/btop)

            Players who break the most blocks will recieve the following

            1. $30 Buycraft
            2. $20 Buycraft
            3. $10 Buycraft

            Pass Top (/passtop)

            Players with the highest Galaxy Pass level will recieve the following

            1. $10 Buycraft
            2. $7.5 Buycraft
            3. $5 Buycraft

            Fishing Top (/ftop) [FIRST WEEK]

            Players who reel in the most fish will recieve the following

            1. 3x Spring Lootboxes
            2. 2x Spring Lootboxes
            3. 1x Spring Lootboxes

            Nitro Rewards

            Did you know you can get a load of perks just by boosting us on Discord? If you already have a Nitro subscription you get two free boosts included! Below are just some of the amazing perks you will receive upon boosting.

            • 1x Nitro Lootbox (available in game via /reclaim once per season).
            • In-game Pink Diamond on your display name.
            • In-game Nitro Boosting line in your hover over display name.
            • In-game Nitro Cosmetics (/cosmetics).
            • Extra Deliveryman Rewards (/deliveryman).
            • Nitro Booster role in Discord.
            • Nitro Booster badge next to your name in Discord.
            • Your name will be displayed on the side bar in our Discord under the Nitro Booster heading!


            We're looking forward to another great season, good luck to everyone in contention for our prize pool!

            ~ Vortex Staff Team