Survival Earth 1.19 Content Update

Hey astronauts! I am excited to announce that we are releasing a brand new content update for Survival Earth on March 11th at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT!

This is the first of many updates coming to earth in the next few months. Stay tuned for more and let us know what you’d like to see next

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Survival Earth releases on March 11th at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM GMT!

For any other time zone, type "3 PM EST" into Google, and the appropriate time will be displayed based on your location. Let's jump into these details!

New Spawn

We will be featuring a brand new spawn for this content update for Earth! Make sure to pop by and explore your way through the new land!


1.19 Update

We hope that it was worth the wait, as we are excited to announce that Survival Earth will be updated to 1.19, which includes all 1.18 and 1.19 content. Get ready to explore new biomes, new caves, ancient cities, hunt down new mobs, and so much more!

The Bazaar

Sell your items to other players within Earth! Do you ever find yourself needing certain resources for a building project you are working on? With the new Bazaar, you can create item orders for other players to fulfill based on the price you set! If you ever find yourself with extra resources you are wanting to sell, you can see the active listings in the Bazaar and sell your items to what best fits your needs.

Upgradeable Towns

As your town grows and expands, look towards town upgrades! You can upgrade your town to a city, nation, kingdom, and finally empire! Each new town will have different names for their roles within. These upgrades are not cheap and will require the work of all your residents to achieve the next upgrade. Please look below to the new changes as you upgrade your town!

Town (Default) 
  - Roles:
   - Resident
   - Officer
   - Chairman
  - Max Residents: 10
  - Max Claims: 200

  - Roles:
   - Resident
   - Deputy
   - Mayor 
  - Cost: 25 Million Dollars
  - Max Residents: 15
  - Max Claims: 250

  - Roles:
   - Resident
   - Governor
   - President 
  - Cost: 50 Million Dollars
  - Max Residents: 20
  - Max Claims: 300

  - Roles:
   - Resident
   - Knight
   - Monarch 
  - Cost: 100 Million Dollars
  - Max Residents: 25
  - Max Claims: 350

  - Roles:
   - Resident
   - Noble
   - Emperor
  - Cost: 200 Million Dollars
  - Max Residents: 30
  - Max Claims: 400

Resource Worlds

The resource world and the end will still continue to be resetting every 7 days, and will now be on a consistent reset cycle! On top of this, a brand new nether resource world will be introduced and reset weekly, as well! This new nether resource world will be completely separate from the non-resetting nether we currently have.


Overworld Size

To compliment all the new updates, the overworld will also be increasing in size! Our current size is 200k x 200k blocks, but this is now expanding to 250k x 250k blocks!

Nitro Rewards

Did you know you can get a load of perks just by boosting us on Discord? If you already have a Nitro subscription you get two free boosts included! Below are just some of the amazing perks you will receive upon boosting.

  • 1x Nitro Lootbox (available in-game via /reclaim once per season)
  • In-game Nitro Title
  • In-game Nitro Cosmetics
  • Daily Nitro Delivery from the Delivery Man
  • Booster role in Discord, including the Booster badge, and your name will be listed under staff!
  • In-game Pink Tab Name
  • In-game Pink Diamond on your display name
  • Nitro Booster line in your hover over display name


We want to express a huge amount of gratitude to the entire Earth community for being patient with us and giving us the opportunity to release something new and exciting to you all. We hope you all enjoy this new update as much as we do. Gather your tools, ready your weapons, suit up, and we will be thrilled to see you all this Saturday!

~ The Earth Team